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From healthcare institutions to commercial office space, Atlantica is your unified building controls solutions provider for new or existing facilities.
As an authorized retailer for Distech Controls, Atlantica’s team of building controls specialists provides clients with an integrated building management plan that brings more value and efficiency to all your facilities.

Systems Integration and Intelligent Buildings

The integration of different control disciplines in a building ensures maximum comfort and functionality while greatly improving the performance of a facility. With HVAC, lighting, and security systems on one platform, we provide our clients with all the information on their buildings, resulting in improved operations, and significant energy and cost savings.
Atlantica offers a complete range of building automation solutions using open system protocols for buildings including design, build, installation, maintenance, and service.

Building Controls Systems

With an increased emphasis on smart building initiatives, Atlantica designs building controls systems that optimize efficiency and occupant comfort in all buildings.

HVAC Controls
To meet our clients building needs for their HVAC systems, Atlantica uses Distech Controls for their open systems and smart building technologies. Using a single platform to deliver the information, Distech’s extensive line of feature rich controls systems are designed for dependable, long term performance. Installation of this system greatly increases operational efficiencies, saving energy and costs throughout a building’s life cycle.

Building Automation
Centralizing control of a building’s HVAC, lighting, and security systems through a unified building management system greatly improves the performance of any facility. Using a common platform, Atlantica’s building automation solutions integrates these systems to provide clients with all the information they need on their facilities. Using a centralized dashboard for information management, Atlantica’s open solution supports and evolves with your building.

Energy Management Controls
With an increasing emphasis on smart building initiatives, Atlantica’s energy management system monitors, controls and optimizes a building’s energy resources.